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3 Signs that Vapor Intrusion Is Affecting a Property


According to the EPA,

“Vapor intrusion occurs when vapor-forming chemicals migrate from a subsurface source into an overlying building.”

It wasn’t until the 1980s that the concept of vapor...

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Who Needs HAZWOPER Training?


HAZWOPER training is essential for anyone who regularly works with or comes into contact with hazardous waste. An abbreviation for “Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response,” HAZWOPER...

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5 Things to Know About Underground Storage Tanks

Underground storage tanks are a mainstay of industrial and retail fueling  operations. Used for everything from storing fuels and water to industrial chemicals, there are more than 555,000 of...

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What Your Employees Need to Know about Hazardous Materials


Employees have both a need and right to know about their risks concerning hazardous materials. Appropriate knowledge of best-practices within a workplace encourages safety and compliance.


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5 Things to Know About Groundwater Compliance

Compliance regulations regarding groundwater are as varied as they are complex. Staying up to date on new industry guidelines and requirements can be overwhelming, but for almost any size...

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5 Things to Know About the Soil Erosion Crisis 

How much do you know about the global soil crisis? We hear often about issues like water pollution, deforestation, and ozone degradation, but the world’s fast-eroding layer of topsoil will soon...

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Engineering Trends to Watch in 2018



The engineering industry is in a constant state of innovation. Between technical advancements and rampant investment by developers, the science of building things came a long way in 2017. As...

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How to Take Water Drainage into Account During Real Estate Development

Surface and subsurface water drainage is one of the foremost considerations of real estate development. From single-family homes to multi-story office buildings, no structure is ever sustainably...

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How Civil Engineers Breathe New Life into Brownfields Sites

Brownfields lands are some of the most underutilized in all the U.S. Former gas stations, dry cleaners, industrial sites…any land that is complicated by the “presence or potential presence of a...

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