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5 Common Questions About Special Inspections

The International Building Code defines Special Inspections as "the inspection of construction requiring the expertise of an approved special inspector to ensure compliance with code and the...

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Emergency Action Plan for a Dam

The North Carolina Dam Safety Program requires owners of high hazard dams to develop an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for their dam.  What is a high hazard dam?  

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Dam Rehabilitation and Benefits Explained by the Experts

Current Problems with Dam Rehabilitation

As housing developments keep encroaching on former farm land, numerous old farm ponds and dams are incorporated into new residential communities. Well-placed...

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Does your Utility Need Water Sector Security Training?


When it comes to water and wastewater, “risk” as a concept wasn’t standardized until surprisingly recently. Until around twenty years ago, acceptable levels of risk were by-and-large up to...

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3 Signs that Vapor Intrusion Is Affecting a Property


According to the EPA,

“Vapor intrusion occurs when vapor-forming chemicals migrate from a subsurface source into an overlying building.”

It wasn’t until the 1980s that the concept of vapor...

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Who Needs HAZWOPER Training?


HAZWOPER training is essential for anyone who regularly works with or comes into contact with hazardous waste. An abbreviation for “Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response,” HAZWOPER is a...

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5 Things to Know About Underground Storage Tanks

Underground storage tanks are a mainstay of industrial and retail fueling  operations. Used for everything from storing fuels and water to industrial chemicals, there are more than 555,000 of these...

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5 Things to Know About Groundwater Compliance

Compliance regulations regarding groundwater are as varied as they are complex. Staying up to date on new industry guidelines and requirements can be overwhelming, but for almost any size commercial...

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5 Things to Know About the Soil Erosion Crisis 

How much do you know about the global soil crisis? We hear often about issues like water pollution, deforestation, and ozone degradation, but the world’s fast-eroding layer of topsoil will soon...

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