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Engineering is a complicated business, but it doesn’t have to be. When you choose to work with a company that offers a broad range of engineering services in-house, you’re mitigating the risk of costly delays, miscommunication, and logistical hurdles. Shield Engineering has been providing a myriad of environmental and engineering services nationwide for over two decades… what can we do for you?

Commercial projects involve hundreds of moving pieces and vendors, many of which are dependent on each other to operate smoothly. For example, a large-scale apartment development project may require preliminary soil investigations to be performed by a geotechnical engineer.

If results show poor soil conditions or potential environmental hazards, a foundation engineer or environmental engineer may be engaged to provide specific recommendations. From there, a civil engineering firm would be responsible for communicating with environmental engineers to develop a site layout that meets acceptable design and regulatory standards. At the same time a structural engineering firm may be actively communicating with a geotechnical engineer to design the building elements.

But wouldn’t it be easier – and less time-consuming – to work with just one company for all these needs?

Shield is often called in on large commercial projects because we offer one of the widest arrays of engineering services in the greater Southeast. Few other companies bring together the environmental expertise we’ve developed over 25+ years with the engineering know-how of some of the best minds in the industry. Whether your team needs extensive assistance with a complicated Brownfield redevelopment, a site remedial investigation, or even a training session on industrial hygiene, we’re your one-stop shop.

Large scale projects require end-to-end planning to be successful. While the physical construction of buildings and preparation of the site are important, equally so is the design. Shield Engineering’s structural engineering specialists regularly collaborate with clients, creating everything from full 3D modeling to basic conceptual designs; no piece of the puzzle is too small or too large to be affected by front-end engineering. Proper planning and preparation make for a more efficient project.

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