Why Environmental Due Diligence Matters for Industrial Facilities


Environmental due diligence is a process that evaluates the condition of real estate for potential risk of environmental contamination. This procedure allows investors, developers, and all other responsible parties to rest assured that the safety of their facilities and their employees is a top priority. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the regulatory body for each property type, setting the watermark for what should be expected and determining the proper type of assessment in each scenario. Environmental due diligence is performed to mitigate risk and streamline the construction process, allowing companies, utilities, investors, and developers to complete each of their projects safely. 

While many assume that only aging industrial facilities are at risk, environmental due diligence even applies to those that are still under construction. Here are the environmental due diligence areas that every leader should focus on for compliance. 


Asbestos was (and still is) used in myriad industrial applications. Testing for harmful asbestos fibers within a structure can be done comprehensively with minimally invasive procedures.

Hazardous Waste

If you suspect a facility once housed an operation that produces and stored hazardous waste, a full inspection is in order to detect improper disposal and/or unreported underground storage tanks. 

Vapor Intrusion

VOCs, radon, and other dangerous vapors are impossible to see. Thorough testing involves a number of complex factors, but is worth the time and effort before a facility is occupied and the risk level increases.


Many structures built prior to 1978 pose a significant concern for lead. Prior to any construction or demolition, thorough testing for lead paint or lead pipes should be carried out to eliminate risk and mitigate any environmental threats to keep workers safe. 

Groundwater and Soil

It's often common for groundwater remediation to begin on a contaminated property before construction itself even begins, fixing any issues before  project is fully underway. A risk-based assessment is the best first step on the pathway to full cleanup and remediation.

Shield's environmental engineering team has decades of experience in threat remediation and proactive prevention of the largest environmental threats that today's industrial facilities face. For active threats, Action Environmental Group is ready to tackle the toughest challenges at a moment's notice to clean spills and resolve issues when it matters most. Contact our team today to learn more about our environmental due diligence process and schedule a meeting today! 

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