3 Concerns Construction Leaders are Facing in 2022

mark-potterton-sNVkn3507Oo-unsplashCorporations around the world have been facing a slew of evolving challenges over the past few years, ranging from an international pandemic to staffing shortages. In a survey by Corporate Board Member, public-company board members around the world were asked what challenges they feel are the most pressing in 2022. Their top-ten lists included a constricted supply chain and economic challenges, but also featured three specific areas of concern that leading engineering firms like Shield are prepared to address.

New Cybersecurity Requirements 

Leaders in the tech space have become used to strict cybersecurity standards. As technology has become a larger part of other industries, including construction, the same threats that have targeted large financial institutions are now beginning to spread. From major firms to independent contractors, cybercriminals are continuing targeting construction companies of every size, stealing data and infecting networks with ransomware in a bid to hold company operations hostage until the ransom is paid. Increased risks require increased protection, which is why cybersecurity and data privacy made the list as a top concern for directors.  

Even for leaders who feel that their teams aren’t at risk, new regulations are requiring construction teams to have strong cybersecurity measures in place to protect themselves and the partners that they work with. Shield Engineering partners with organizations of any size to ensure that all requirements are met and parties remain protected from today’s leading threats.  

Workforce Health and Safety 

Upholding strict safety requirements has long been an important foundation in construction. COVID-19 has created a shift in how construction leaders are working to keep their employees safe, adding additional PPE and capacity requirements into safety planning. Maintaining employee safety on and off the job site requires effective training that keeps employees up to speed on the most recent requirements and practices.  

Shield Engineering’s senior consultants have partnered with clients for decades, delivering specialized training across a variety of engineering-affiliated fields including construction to educate teams and ensure that facilities are ready to meet these expectations. 

Regulatory Compliance 

In addition to evolving safety requirements, longstanding regulations from OSHA and other leading safety organizations are still in effect and seeing a stream of constant updates. Keeping up with the latest regulatory shifts can be a challenge as a full-time job alone, let alone for a director with other responsibilities to keep track of.  

Shield Engineering is a partner that is constantly monitoring the changing regulations impacting the construction industry. We partner with businesses to uphold the latest industry standards and ensure that every box is checked for a successful project. From the previously mentioned OSHA requirements to wastewater treatment and site design, our team has the knowledge to ensure that your team is prepared to excel and stay within today’s workplace and project requirements. 

While these three have made the list of the top focuses for today’s corporate leaders, this constant stream of concerns is too much for any one person to handle. Shield Engineering’s team of compliance experts equips your team with the tools and education that they need to meet strict requirements that protect your business, employees, and partners. Contact Shield today to learn more about how our team of experts can help your team meet compliance and provide solutions for the biggest concerns facing leaders across the construction industry.  


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