5 Things You Need to Know About High-Hazard Potential Dams


If you own property that has a dam or are simply a resident near a dam, there are several points of concern that should be accounted for while planning for the future. While they've been community landmarks for hundreds of years, dams can often run the risk of endangering the local community if an emergency plan isn't in place. Here are five things you need to know about High-Hazard Potential Dams.

  1. Dams classified as High-Hazard Potential are those where failure or miss-operation will most likely cause the loss of human life.

  2. There are at least 14,726 High-Hazard Potential Dams in the U.S. according to the February 2013 National Inventory of Dams.

  3. High-Hazard Potential Dams require an Emergency Action Plan. An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a formal document that identifies potential emergency conditions at a dam and specifies pre-planned actions to be followed to minimize property damage and loss of life should those conditions occur.

  4. State Dam Safety Programs have primary responsibility for permitting, inspection, and enforcement for 80 percent of the nation's dams.

  5. Additional information regarding high-hazard potential dams is available at http://www.damsafetyaction.org.

Shield Engineering offers a wide range of services relating directly to dam remediation, rehabilitation, and forensic investigations. With decades of experience, our on-staff civil and design engineers work to deliver industry-leading insights and services that support every project no matter the size. Shield Engineering's team can assist dam owners in developing thorough Emergency Action Plans that combat disasters and ensure that you're completely prepared for whatever the future may have in store.

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