3 Surprising Benefits of Flat Pack Bridges


Flat pack bridges are the Next Big Thing in construction. In 2015, the world’s “longest” flat pack bridge was unveiled to much fanfare, and researchers in several industries are working on finding new ways to make flat pack construction materials more readily available to commercial developers.

Why all the fuss? Here are three surprising benefits to flat pack bridges.

1. They save time.

Of course, flat pack bridge systems save time on the backend because they’re easier to produce. When pieces can be mass-produced from a template rather than built individually onsite, everything is cheaper from materials to labor to time-cost. The most amazing thing about flat pack bridges of today, though, is that some are using their own gravity to be erected in as little as one day. When brought onsite, arched flat pack bridge systems can be lifted into place where they form a natural arch, then simply attached to the ground and stabilized.

2. Flat pack bridges last longer.

…according to manufacturers. Flexible flat pack bridges are said to last up to 300 years with little to no maintenance. Compare that to the standard 120 lifespan for a conventional bridge and you’re looking at quite a benefit. Why such longevity? Since flat pack bridges don’t depend on corrodible reinforcements and are instead held together by their own weight, there are fewer parts that might need replacement or repair.

3. They’re cost-effective.

Flat pack bridges present significant cost savings. Small and pedestrian-friendly flat pack bridges are typically constructed of reinforced polymer or poured, tapered cement blocks. Because they’re pre-engineered and preassembled offsite, less is spent upfront in liability, staffing, and closures at the install site itself. The bridges are exceptionally easy to transport from one location to another before assembly, saving cost on transportation and back-and-forth deliveries. Over time, less required maintenance will save bridge owners significantly.


Are flat pack bridges the wave of the future? They might be. Shield Engineering stays up to date on all the latest and greatest construction trends so we can better inform our customers. 
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